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Nestled in the beautiful Ozark foothills of Northeast Arkansas, USA, Cedar Springs Camp sits away from the more “touristy” areas, providing the perfect quiet place to get away from some of the distractions of life. Cedar Springs Camp (Pilgrimage Christian Concepts Center) is the home of House of Luke Ministries (HOLM) in Arkansas.  They use our facilities located on 208 acres near Ravenden Springs, Arkansas, for the first phase of their men’s discipleship ministry.  Men come to (HOLM) from all over the country for a minimum of six months of intense Bible teaching, forming habits of personal responsibility, and job training.  The first two months of this program are a “boot camp” of sorts in which they are removed from as many distractions as possible to focus on learning Scripture and other basic foundations.  This is the part of the program they use our facilities to accomplish. An important part of this program is serving others in the name of Christ.  HOLM pastors work closely with local churches and others in the community to identify needs that can be met by the men in their program under the close supervision and instruction of HOLM staff.  They have done this in Cherokee Village, Arkansas, since 2010, and have been well received in the community for it.  With the expansion to Ravenden Springs, they have the ability to disciple more men.  Once they finish their two month probationary phase in Ravenden Springs, the men can move to Cherokee Village where they are afforded more privileges including the ability to get a job and earn money.  HOLM also operates in California, providing two areas of the country for men to train in this way.  For more information on House of Luke Ministries visit their website.